Visit to the Sistine Chapel, Vatican Museums and St. Peter’s Basilica

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A visit to the Sistine Chapel is a special experience with specially selected guides! The Vatican Museums with priceless collections precede it. Michelangelo’s superb Pieta in the majestic St. Peter’s Basilica and the stories of our guide make the tour unforgettable. Perfect for families with children!

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Biglietti d’ingresso Salta La Fila

TIPS AND USEFUL INFORMATIONS The service skips the line is always included but we can’t avoid security checks at metaldetectors. To speed up the operation, we suggest removing belts, metal watches, coins, and mobile phones from your pockets.

Large backpacks, suitcases, liquids and large umbrellas are not allowed. Handbags and small backpacks are allowed.

You can make videos and photos without flash, tripods and selfie sticks. It is strictly forbidden to take videos and photos while visiting the Sistine Chapel.

Remember to cover your knees and shoulders before entering the Sistine Chapel and the Basilica.



If you are wondering why choose Rome Magic Tour for your holiday in Rome, here are some good reasons:

All our tours are private, not group tours and the tours are customized just for you.

Choose this private tour with our certified and passionate guides for a unique and carefree experience!

You’ll just have to book! We’ll take care of everything!

The other agencies are skipping the Art Gallery… a real shame! The works in this collection have made art history.

Perfect for school trips! Our agency welcomes students on school trips with pleasure, getting very positive feedback especially from students…not the usual school trip!

Tour suitable for children: they will be fascinated by the stories of our guides and learn the story while having fun.

Our guide will assure you the Skip the Line Service.


     Appointment at the entrance of the Vatican Museums

Meeting with our guide in front of the entrance of the Museums, 15 minutes before the start of this unmissable visit that includes tickets skip the line

    Vatican Museums
You will be the first to visit the Vatican Museums which, despite being one of the smallest states in the world, houses a priceless museum complex. After admiring the Cortili della Pigna and the Belvedere, you will appreciate the Pinacoteca which houses a surprising collection that includes masters such as Giotto, Perugino, Leonardo, Caravaggio and Dali …impossible to describe in a few lines. Follow your guide through the main exhibitions. It will focus on the original Greeks and Romans, the various Papal apartments frescoed by masters such as Raphael and the famous Gallery of Candelabrum Tapestries and Maps.
     Sistine Chapel
The next part of the tour is an excellence not to be missed for any reason: the Sistine Chapel, with its incredible ceiling frescoed by Michelangelo and his supreme masterpiece, the Last Judgement. Many other scenes were painted by the best Italian artists of the time such as Perugino, Botticelli, Ghirlandaio and other masters of the time. It will be surprisingly exciting to be at the centre of such beauty.
     Saint Peter’s Cathedral
From the Sistine Chapel you will enter directly into the Basilica, symbol of Christianity in the World, famous for numerous masterpieces by Bernini and where you will admire the famous Pietà, sculpted by Michelangelo at the age of 25. Admiring numerous paintings and sculptures, you will notice how this Basilica is perfectly conceived. The colossal structure is so proportionate that it hides its real dimensions. The tour will leave you with the embrace of the immense curved colonnades of the square and the view of the Pope’s Balcony.
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