Visit Roma on foot: from Colosseum to Giardino degli Aranci

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Visit Rome on foot, from the Colosseum to the Orange Garden to discover not only Imperial Rome, but also the area of the first Roman settlements, dating back to the 3rd century BC. During this period Rome was an important commercial hub of the Mediterranean, with its port and even the offices of moneychangers! These are small anecdotes that you will have the opportunity to hear from our guide

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TIPS AND USEFUL INFORMATION  Wear comfortable shoes and don’t forget your camera!

When walking around Rome or on one of our tours, always carry a scarf to cover your shoulders in case you enter a church (each church observes different opening hours). Of course, entering a church always requires you to have your shoulders and knees covered.



If you’re wondering why you should choose Rome Magic Tour for your Rome vacation, here are some excellent reasons:

This tour is exclusive to us. We designed it for those who love Rome and its ancient origins.

Our tours, with attention to detail, are an opportunity for an inspiring and fun walk. Participate…and you’ll want to do more!

Child-friendly tour: our highly qualified guides will capture the interest of young children, who will learn about history and art while having fun

Perfect for school field trips! At the end of the tour, the kids are always enthusiastic about our guides.


     Appointment at the Colosseum

Meet with our guide at the Colosseum at the agreed time to better understand the history of Ancient Rome with an exclusive 3-hour itinerary

The largest amphitheater in the world, capable of holding an estimated 50,000 to 75,000 spectators, the most impressive monument of Ancient Rome and an undisputed symbol of the city. Walking along Via dei Fori Imperiali, which runs through one of the most important archaeological sites in the world, you will reach Piazza del Campidoglio, the heart of Rome and the seat of the city government, designed by Michelangelo in 1536, with the famous twelve-pointed star and the large statue of Marcus Aurelius on horseback at its center. The view of the Forum from this perspective alone is worth the tour!
Descending from the Capitol via the Cordonata, you will continue your walk along Via del Teatro Marcello to reach the ancient theater of the same name dedicated to the son of Octavia, sister of Emperor Augustus. A few steps away, the Portico of Octavia is what remains of the great Temple dedicated by Emperor Augustus to his sister.
     San Nicola in Carcere

Strolling among numerous vestiges of Ancient Rome, you will reach San Nicola in Carcere, which hides three temples and the offices of the money changers from the 3rd century B.C. (exterior tour). This area was an important commercial hub of the Mediterranean, with its river port

     Piazza Bocca della Verità
You will continue to the Foro Boario, known as Piazza Bocca della Verità, with a well-preserved complex of Temples. under the portico of Santa Maria in Cosmedin, we will see the famous large mask of the Mouth of Truth. According to legend, if you lie while your hand is in the mouth, the mask will bite it…be careful
     Circo Massimo
You will pass through the Circus Maximus, which has few remnants of the great race track. With the help of our guide, you can easily imagine what it might have looked like!
     Giardino degli Aranci
This tour will end with an unusual view of the city from the Orange Garden and a surprising keyhole; an experienced photographer should be able to capture an image of a tiny St. Peter’s Dome framed by trees
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