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Learn art and history while having fun? Of course! We firmly believe that there is the right way to bring children closer to art and culture. If you are looking for tours of Rome for children, we invite you to explore the Vatican and Colosseum with our guides who will know how to involve even the youngest children. We have also selected some very successful proposals. We turn walks into treasure hunts! It will be a lot of fun to look for all the clues! Each of our proposals will certainly be the most beautiful memory of a joyful day with the family!

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Entrance to the Synagogue

TIPS AND USEFUL INFORMATIONS Before leaving for your Roman holiday with the family, we strongly recommend planning activities in Rome for children. Needless to say, they are the ones who will influence the success of your well-deserved holiday.

The service skips the line is always included but we can’t avoid security checks at metaldetectors. To speed up the operation, we suggest removing belts, metal watches, coins, and mobile phones from your pockets.

Large backpacks, suitcases, liquids and large umbrellas are not allowed on the sites. Handbags and small backpacks are allowed.

Children are entitled to a reduced ticket, but collecting their tickets takes a few more minutes. No agency can avoid this rule of the Colosseum which requires that children, in order to benefit from the reduction, are personally taken to the ticket office.



If you are wondering why choose Rome Magic Tour for your holiday in Rome, here are some good reasons:

Choosing a private tour conducted by expert guides on methods of communication with children means making them the real protagonists of the day.

You’ll just have to book! We’ll take care of everything! The visits can only be customized according to your needs.

Perfect for school trips! Our agency welcomes students on school trips with pleasure, getting very positive feedback especially from students…not the usual school trip!



     Colosseum, Forum Romanum and Palatino

During this trip to Ancient Rome children can imagine fierce beasts, mighty gladiators and proud emperors acclaimed by the crowd. They will understand how a great work of hydraulic engineering allowed to fill the arena with water to stage naval battles. The tales of our guides will stimulate their imagination and curiosity as they stroll through the remains of the Palatine imperial residences, from which the word “palace” originated.

    Vatican Museums, Sistine Chapel and Saint Peter’s Cathedral
There are many curiosities that are hidden behind the countless works kept in museums. Among the many priceless works of the Vatican Art Gallery, Wenzel’s “Earthly Paradise” will glue the little ones to the canvas to find as many as 240 animals. In the huge Gallery of Geographical Maps, children will be able to recognize their country or their holiday places in the large frescoes. In the Egyptian Museum they will be fascinated by the mummies and stories of this great civilization. For everyone, the Sistine Chapel will be a unique spectacle!
     Treasure hunt in the Villa Borgese Gardens
The guide will tell anecdotes and legends to explain why the garden is so full of fountains, dragons and eagles, recommending to be very careful not to cross Medusa’s eyes! Who will find more clues? Itinerary: we start from the Borghese Gallery (explanation from the outside) and continue with Piazza di Siena, the small lake, the Fortezzuola, the Bioparco (explanation from the outside), to end with the secret garden.
     Treasure hunt in Piazza Navona

Children will learn how life was in Ancient Rome. A journey through history and art that continues in the Middle Ages to reach the Baroque. The testimonies of the Stadium below Piazza Navona will fascinate children as much as knowing that this immense square was filled with water. They will listen to many stories reaching the Pantheon and passing through San Luigi dei Francesi where they will meet Caravaggio. Lions, dragons, snakes, elephant deer and other animals will be the clues to find to understand the past and know important works of art!

     Treasure hunt in the Jewish Ghetto

Many are the stories that the guides will share with you about this mythical city. They will tell you about when it was ruled by emperors and when sculptors immortalized the roar of lions on palaces and fountains.

Through the clues the children will learn about Jewish culture… because this is not a normal tour but a real treasure hunt!

From Piazza Mattei to the Portico D’Ottavia, from the Marcellus Theatre to the Synagogue to the Tiber Island.

Children and adults will be fascinated by very interesting anecdotes about Ancient Rome. The guide will tell many stories that have been passed down as the famous “fish stone”. The Portico D’Ottavia is the only part illuminated at night…can you guess why? The guide will tell you the hidden clues to look for! Who can guess the dragon on the Broken Bridge and the woman on the Tower of Ponte Fabrizio? Now is the time to test yourselves. Why do you think the Tiber Island is shaped like a ship? History says that the world symbol of medicine comes from here, from a famous legend based on historical facts!

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