• faqWhy should I book an organized tour?

      Dig a hole anywhere in Rome and you’ll find remains of the Roman Empire. Look around where even a bench at a bus stop or the support of a laundry line tells you something about it. Only a tour well organized in content and timing will allow you to capture Rome’s glorious past and only experienced guides can answer your questions and tell you anecdotes, legends and myths collected over two and a half thousand years of civilization. The past will live with their words.

  • faqAre your tours appropriate for my baby?

      Every child is different and it’s a matter of choosing the right tour, but remember that group tours move with a “standard” step. We suggest a private tour, more suitable for children under 8 years old, that allows you to stop whenever you need to. If you have a newborn baby, secure it on your chest or back; a stroller to open and close continuously would be very tiring. Remember, however, that children are welcome and will be fascinated by this experience.

  • faqShould I reconfirm my reservation?
    • It is not necessary, if you received the confirmation email.

  • faqI got the confirmation e-mail, what should I do?
    • We usually reply within 24 – 36 hours, but if you have already checked your inbox and haven’t found an answer, please contact us at: taniasalvati@gmail.com.

  • faqIs it possible to book a last minute tour on the same day?

      Of course yes, subject to the availability of entrance tickets to the sites to visit. In this case, however, we will not be able to guarantee the skip the line. We are available every day. From Italy you can contact us by phone or email.

  • faqDo the prices include admission tickets?

      Please refer to your confirmation email as every detail is specified. What is included is clarified under each tour. Sometimes entrance tickets are not included and the guide will buy them before the tour. You will refund them directly to her/him.

  • faqIs it possible to cancel a tour on the same day or not show up?

      Our cancellation policy for a service you have booked takes at least 72 hours.
      In this case we will deduct the following from the amount paid:
      • 50% of the confirmed price if you cancel less than 24 hours before the start of the service.

      • 20% of the confirmed price if you cancel less than 48 hours before the start of the service.

      • 10% of the confirmed price if you cancel less than 72 hours before the start of the service.

      • 100% of the tickets already purchased for you, which are non-refundable.

      • 100% in case you do not show up to the appointment without notice.

      For specific information please read our section Term & Conditions

  • faqHow do I pay?

      You will pay at the time of confirmation by bank transfer.

  • faqDo you accept credit cards or Pay Pal?

      No, payments must be made by bank transfer and in case of last minute bookings in cash at the guide.

  • faqIs there a minimum of participants?

      No, we accept reservations for individuals and groups.

  • faqDo I have to wait in line?

      Absolutely not. All our tours have a “skip the line” booking service, or take place at times when there are no queues to be made. However we must inform you that no one can pass the “security check” and metal detectors at the museum entrances and it is possible, sometimes, that small inevitable queues for such checks form. In case of reduced tickets for children the guide is required to show up at the Colosseum cash desk with the minor to demonstrate the reason for the reduction. The only way to avoid this line at the Colosseum is to give up the reduction itself. No restrictions for the other sites.

  • faqCan you help wheelchair users?

      Of course, on request.

  • faqIs there a dress code?

      All churches, synagogues and places of worship in Rome require that knees and shoulders be covered, no matter how hot it is. In the Synagogue it is required that men wear a hat but if they do not have one, they will be lent a “Kippah” (typical headgear). Large backpacks, large umbrellas and bags cannot be brought into the Vatican or the Borghese Gallery. Your guide is not responsible for customers who are not properly dressed. We strongly recommend wearing comfortable shoes for all tours as they may include a good amount of walking.

  • faqWhat language do you offer on your tours?

      English and Italian are always available at a fixed cost, without surcharges. Spanish, French, German, Russian, Portuguese, Chinese and Japanese are available at an extra charge of between 10% and 20%. It is possible to organize the service in other languages, with adequate notice.

  • faqDo I have to bring the email as documentation of the booking?

      No, it is not necessary because the guide will know everything about you and will meet you in the lobby of your hotel or with a sign at the agreed meeting place.