The ghost of Pimpaccia

Did you know that in Piazza Navona and more precisely on January 7, you might have the opportunity of a very special meeting?…You wonder with whom? With one of the most famous ghosts of Rome: Donna Olimpia!!!!!
The woman, married a rich bourgeois, refusing to take her vows, the man, however, left her a widow only three years after their marriage.

The young woman married Pamphili Pamphili again, who introduced her to the Roman nobility. She became so well known that she also managed to influence the Pope’s decisions. Her greed grew to such an extent that she was called Pimpaccia with contempt. On the Pope’s death, she fled aboard a black carriage with two chests loaded with gold across the Ponte Sisto, where she crashed along with all her riches… that’s why she still wandered desperately…